Job Interview and Porn Party

Hey there peoples. Just thought I’d give you an update on what’s going on in my life. I had a job interview yesterday, woohoo! It’s for the corporate offices of a company called Pure Beauty. I’d be doing IT Help Desk (basically the same thing as I did in college). It’s 13-17 an hour, depending on experience. Benefits include health, optical, and dental insurance, 401k, and paid vacation and sick days. Can we say booyah? It’s also in Encino, which is only a half hour bus ride away.

The Interview

So the interview went really well, I think. It started with me being asked experience questions by a man named Ricardo. He seemed like a really cool guy. We talked about what I did at school and what kind of software I used. He liked that I also know macs, cause they’re going to be bring more of them in, and it’s gonna help. Hehe, I’ma be the mac guy. Never thought I’d see the day. He told me most of the people who call the Help Desk are young girls between the ages of 18 and 24 (giggity giggity) and didn’t really even know how a computer worked, and he wanted to know if I could deal with that. I told him that was a daily routine at the university, same demograhic, AND retired folk. He was impressed.

After that he introduced me to another guy (who’s name I forget, DAMN) that I would be working with most if I got the job. They wanted to get a feel for my personality, cause it’s important that i’m patient and out going. So I started talking about my computer art hobbies and gaming. He told me that most people, when he asked them to tell him about themselves, kind of just look at him and say, “I like computers.” Obviously I passed that test. So when I mentioned games, we started talking about that, and it moved on to World of Warcraft (which I REALLY REALLY want to play). He said I would probably like it. I then talked about Final Fantasy XI. He said he played it at a friend’s house, but never really go into it. He asked me how I liked the game, and I answered truthfully, but, in retrospect, the best way I could have. I told him it was fun and that my favorite part is how you can’t do everything yourself and that if you’re a warrior, you NEED a mage to heal you, and it encouraged grouping. I basically said I prefer teamwork. WOO. They were going to introduce me to the boss, Victor, but he was in a meeting. Things seem to be looking up, so wish me luck!

Pornstar Party

As many of you may or may not be aware, I am currently temping for the accounting department of Playboy TV. It’s an ok job, and I do get to use the internet and watch TV in my downtime from filing and folding. Well, the PBTV show “7 Lives Xposed 5” just finished shooting and they had a wrap party last night. Because I helped so much in the financial end of things, I got invited. I brought my roommate Brad with me.

It was at a place called The Bungalow Club on Melrose and Fermosa. It was a pretty nice place. Brad and I showed up about half an hour late, and no one was there, so we wandered the area a bit, waiting for the party to start hoppin. We got back and there were more people there, so we kinda chilled with free wine and watched people show up.

A major problem with being the guy in the cubicle is that I pretty much didn’t know anyone there. It didn’t help that it seemed kind of cliquey, with groups of people to themselves. Then a little later, I saw Paul Hunter, a guy I talk with alot at work. So of course, HE knows people. So I started talking with him and a guy named Doug, who was basically the runner for the show. He’s working on shows the History Channel does as well, including one coming out soon about the enemies of Jesus.

Through Paul, I met this one lady who was the photographer on set. Brad joked saying he was a big porn star, and she told him no he wasn’t, or she would have taken a picture of him naked already. So we talked shop and it was fun. She said she had also worked for a few days with Howard Stern, when he was in L.A. She said she had met this one really cool guy and they joked about trading jobs, etc. He took a ton of pictures, then after that he flew back to New York. Only he didn’t land at the airport. You see, he was on Flight 11, the first to hit the Twin Towers. Conversation killer? I think so.

After that Brad and I were telling Paul to introduce us to someone, cause we hadn’t met a porn star before. So he called over Autumn, and we started talking with her. She showed us pictures of her in the new Hustler, getting it every which way from a car thief. It was… different. We talked with her a while, and I was suprised how grounded she was for a porn star. You always think of them as ditzy idiots, but she wasn’t. She has no preconceptions of doing this for a long time. She just didn’t do well in school (and in my opinion this is a better choice than being a crack ho). She’s engaged and wants to be a mom in the long term. I wish her all the best! She was a nice gal.

So that’s yesterday in a nutshell, ciao!

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