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Tomorrow, Dan (@Twatterpater) & Jay (@jklamm) discuss Jay's audition for Bill Sykes in 1968's "Oliver!"

Wanna hear two nerds @Twatterpater and I get WAY too excited about stuff in the new Picard show? Yes you do.

This #FF is folks doing "F Cancer, Roll Dice!" with


@TheIMP2010 has put together a great event to raise money for charity! It's a 3 day #ttrpg stream with lots of different games, including #dnd and #CallOfCthulhu. It's Nov 22-Nov 24, and I hope you'll join us!

#fcrd #charity #coc @Wizards_DnD @Chaosium_Inc

ODND EP14 - The One Where They Sneak

After getting proof that Lord Darvin isn’t who he says he is, our heroes decide to confront him, but how will they get into the meeting house?

#ttrpg #dnd #dnd5e #podcast #odnd @stolendress

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