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.@HankAzaria addresses the controversy surrounding the character ‘Apu’ from @TheSimpsons. #LSSC #Apu #TheSimpsons

Because I wanted to use "twitterpated" from bambi but it won't let you use "twitter" in a handle. Then I thought, "They won't let me use twat will they?" @Twatterpater #ExplainMyHandle @djchour @jklamm

Is this the equivalent of fluoride for cars? Where's the panic that they are controlling your…

Modern @TheMuppets:   Kermit has attracted high class investors.   Kermit starts politely introducing bits instead of his scream.   Gonzo calls him on it and Kermit says he thinks they need to be classier.   As he leaves Gonzo quips to Camilla "I guess he's to big to flail. "

Finally!! Here’s @portugaltheman’s Grammy-winning hit “Feel It Still” with the accordion and tuba accompaniment it was so sorely lacking:

Was watching @RiffTrax short "Measure Metric" and found this in Utah on Google maps!

Such a pleasure to do this interview. I only ever want to talk about Robin Hood from now on.

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