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I’ve realized that I’ve under-utilized my blog as a portal to my own mundane trivia, so I thought I would share a list of sites i tend to visit on a daily, or near-daily, basis:

  1. – Miscellaneous weird articles, i tend to enjoy the Photoshop Friday, Weekend Web, and WTF D&D articles the most.
  2. – A surreal “comic”
  3. – Cyanide and Happiness, a rather amusing and often offensive comic.
  4. – A comic that is both science smart as well as ridiculous.  I guaruntee you’ve seen one posted somewhere at some point.
  5. – A nerd blog that is rather techie, but also DIY oriented.
  6. – Tech Porn
  7. – A site looking at the political side of gaming
  8. – Game Porn
  9. – it’s not news, it’s fark.
  10. – This is actually only on Wednesdays, but he is a rather amusing video game reviewer. And British.

Honorable Mentions:
These are sites i vist when I’m bored:

  1. – See how badly the world can fail
  2. – See some HORRIBLE homemade items from Etsy
  3. – In case i forget why I left.
  4. – I will not apologize for this.
  5. – Random links and they are starting to get some good original videos.
  6. – You know that video your friend sent you to.  It’s on here.

YAY, I did it, I made an entry all about MEEEE!

Ugh… Dance Flick

So I went and saw Dance Flick.  I swore I’d never see another Wayans brothers movie again, but it was free, and I’ll be honest, this one looked better.  And I think that would be the best way to describe the movie.  Better.  There were some parts that were funny, to be sure, but they were sparse.  I won’t pretend I care enough not to give away spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie and plan on being “surprised,” don’t keep reading.  The rest of y’all click the link to read the rest.
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Due to peer pressure, I have signed up for twitter. I can’t promise I’ll be like Rain Wilson and update it 40 times a day, but if I install that TwitterBerry app on my phone, its more likely I will.

My name is Twatterpater, and I’m easily suscepted.

The State of Things

There hasn’t been too much going on as of late.  Just mostly working and playing games.  I am in the process of putting together template websites that I can sell on the cheap to starving actors.  I just want to make a few more templates and then make it public, so look forward to that!

I have discovered a bit ago an amazing site called LifeHacker.  Although it has a computer geek twist, its a site designed mostly to help people get the most out of what they do.  Much of it is software that’s useful, but it also has techniques and such,  Check it out you might like it.

I’ve found that i have an order to how i read my daily stuff.  I start by going down my list of bookmarks in Firefox (reverse order for some reason actually!)  I start by going to and seeing if anything is interesting there, then i check the RSS feeds for A Softer World, VG Cats, and Cyanide and Happiness and read anything new.  I then go to LifeHacker, GamePolitics, and Joystiq and read anything I find of interest.  I finish the day by going through and reading anything thats interesting there.  I waste a lot of time seeing what retards have to say in Fark’s comments.  Those tend to both amuse me and make me sad for the world.

Please note that these things are spread throughout the day, since IT tends to be mostly “hurry up and wait.” type work.

Website and Life Update

Since I haven’t updated this blog since July of 2007, I figured I should say something now that it’s fresh and clean.  First off, it’s fresh and clean.  I’m using WordPress now as my backend (heh heh) and it’s excellent for quick and easy pages and plugins.  I’ll try to update fairly regularly.  We’ll see.

Next is that I proposed to Ari.  It was on November 1st.  She totally didn’t expect it because it was our friend Julie’s birthday and two weeks after our anniversary.  I used a bear with voice boxes.  It was awesome.  Julie recorded it so the video can be found after the break.  Click Here for the pictures.

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JK2020 On Comedy Central!

The Mocumentary that I have been part of is getting a chance on Comedy Central! See the letter from Jason below and PLEASE VOTE!

Hi All!
This is the last contest of the year for us, and it’s huge – We may get a distribution deal with Comedy Central if you vote for “Looking Forward,”our mockumentary, here:

Just click the circle that says “Looking Forward” (The top selection) and you’ve done it! NO LOGGING IN REQUIRED! You’re allowed one vote a day, but it does look like you can vote quite a few times from the same computer.

Please, send your friends and family, post this on myspace, wherever you can. Thank you so much, and see you on TV!

Jason Klamm

So vote early, and vote often. Maybe I’ll be FAMOUS WOO!

Tunak Tunak Tun on Google Video!

Good news! I know everyone loves the Tunak Tunak Tun video, but it’s such an old video that the compressed version isn’t exactly beautiful. Well, thanks to Google Video, I was able to upload the full quality, 130Mb version. The sound is excellent, as is the image quality. Just make sure you view it at original size, then there’s no pixelation. Sign up and vote for it, maybe it could even make the Top 100!

By the way, we didn’t even make it into the five finalists for the SunnyFX contest. Then again, the winner was Subs, which was loaded with pedophilia jokes, so I’m sort of glad we didn’t get associated with that.

Also, my girlfriend has moved out to L.A. and is living with me. So those of you looking for a lone wolf on the prowl, I’m now tied up on a leash and I can’t find my balls. 🙁


So Jay had some items he didn’t want anymore, and he decided to take them to the Goodwill. While we were there, we looked through all the stuff, especially the shirts. Generally, the types of shirts that land in the Goodwill are amusing, but then I stumbled onto this beauty:

In case you can’t read it, it says:

“standing to the ovation for myself.
you are luck if you are luck
thinking what you think
we can see things that hate and heart
if you change another one
please not changed sold out man or woman
they are bores…………”

I can’t stress enough how amazing this shirt is. Not only is that “poem” on the back, the EXACT SAME image is scrunched up on the front pocket, no wider than an inch and a half. WHY?! I only found ONE reference to this shirt online, and it was at this guy’s “funny stuff I saw while in Japan” page. I sent it in to I hope they post it.

Anyway, it was so cool that I recreated it, and it is now available on cafepress.

CLICK HERE to buy!

Quick Update and Merry Xmas!

Just thought I’d throw a quick update out there since I haven’t in a while. My show went awesome! Once I get my hands on a DVD, I’ll post some bits.

Also, Xmas was fun, we’ve decked the hell out of our halls.

Ari’s here visiting, yay!


PS: Gametap is awesome!