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July 12, 2017
StolenDress Entertainment

Dispatches from Fort Awesome Mini-Episode 2Jason and Jen do some housecleaning and talk about the upcoming NewsRadio tribute comic. Send questions and more to us, call 646-801-WNYX and e-mail ... See more

July 11, 2017
Keep Boise Perilous Bumper Bumper Sticker> Dan and Jay's Comedy Hour

Get your "Keep Boise Perilous" bumper sticker thanks to Dan and Jay's Comedy Hour and Dannel and Jason.

Boise, Idaho

Keep Boise Perilous Bumper Sticker

July 11, 2017
Episode 117 – Keep Boise Perilous | Dan and Jay's Comedy Hour

New episode is up!

Dan and Jay talk this week about an early attempt at editing action on a limited bit of software and hardware. They also have a special announcement about their first album,

June 3, 2017
Some Madman Edited The Wizard Of Oz To Be In Alphabetical Order, And I Can’t Look Away

All the buts at 15:29 cracked me up.

This video that cuts all of the dialogue from The Wizard of Oz in alphabetical order will haunt and impress you in equal measure. You really need to check this out, like right now.

May 31, 2017
Statue of Dog Peeing Pops Up Near NYC's 'Fearless Girl'

So here's the thing. The original bull statue appeared over night and was only kept (but moved) due to the public opinion. The fearless girl was actually installed with proper permits and ... See more

There was a brand new statue down on Wall Street, but this one didn't last long. A New York City sculptor, Alex Gardega, claims he put a statue of a dog right next to the 'Fearless Girl' that was ... See more

May 19, 2017

"Perfect for Now"

Description of motor repair or Linda Ronstadt song?

May 17, 2017
Misc. Old Artworks

An odd passport generated from an IM chat forver ago.

May 17, 2017
Misc. Old Artworks

Dan is god to the LEGO people.

May 16, 2017
This guy going around a museum and using FaceApp to add smiles to classical art has finally found a good use for FaceApp

This works amazingly well. Something about the smile of #5 screams "Don't trust that bitch."

“Went to a museum armed with Face App to brighten up a lot of the sombre looks on the paintings and sculptures. The results…” writes @Ollyog over on Twitter. So here’s 12 bits of grumpy ... See more

May 12, 2017
Movie Cameos

Many of my storied movie parts!

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