Tunak Tunak Tun on Google Video!

Good news! I know everyone loves the Tunak Tunak Tun video, but it’s such an old video that the compressed version isn’t exactly beautiful. Well, thanks to Google Video, I was able to upload the full quality, 130Mb version. The sound is excellent, as is the image quality. Just make sure you view it at original size, then there’s no pixelation. Sign up and vote for it, maybe it could even make the Top 100!

By the way, we didn’t even make it into the five finalists for the SunnyFX contest. Then again, the winner was Subs, which was loaded with pedophilia jokes, so I’m sort of glad we didn’t get associated with that.

Also, my girlfriend has moved out to L.A. and is living with me. So those of you looking for a lone wolf on the prowl, I’m now tied up on a leash and I can’t find my balls. 🙁

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