So Jay had some items he didn’t want anymore, and he decided to take them to the Goodwill. While we were there, we looked through all the stuff, especially the shirts. Generally, the types of shirts that land in the Goodwill are amusing, but then I stumbled onto this beauty:

In case you can’t read it, it says:

“standing to the ovation for myself.
you are luck if you are luck
thinking what you think
we can see things that hate and heart
if you change another one
please not changed sold out man or woman
they are bores…………”

I can’t stress enough how amazing this shirt is. Not only is that “poem” on the back, the EXACT SAME image is scrunched up on the front pocket, no wider than an inch and a half. WHY?! I only found ONE reference to this shirt online, and it was at this guy’s “funny stuff I saw while in Japan” page. I sent it in to engrish.com. I hope they post it.

Anyway, it was so cool that I recreated it, and it is now available on cafepress.

CLICK HERE to buy!

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