New Job / Momo the Evil Teletubby

This is pretty damn cool here.

New Job

As you all know (if you read my last post), I had my second interview on Friday. It went really well. I spoke to Victor, who was the only one I didn’t speak to last time. He’s the supervisor, by the way. He told me he was gonna be frank and that the guys like me. Their only concern is where would I want to be in two years. I told him, “doing this I hope.” I guess they were worried I’d leave because I have a degree in Computer Art. I explained to him the reason I have a Computer Art degree is because the Computer Science major at my school concentrated mostly on programming, and not so much on hardware. I was too poor to change schools, so I changed majors. That must have satisfied him, cause I GOT THE JOB! WOOT! They hired me at $14 an hour. I start Monday. Hurrah for me!

Momo the Evil Teletubby

Many moons ago I made a photo manipulation of the Teletubby line-up. I created a Teletubby named Mo-Mo who murdered Tinky Winky.

What a bastard.
Anyway, it seems the eccentric family of mine (this is undoubtedly a collaboration between my brothers Stephen and Mike and my Dad) made the Mo-Mo action figure. This time he’s after new blood, with a new weapon.

He’s so happy to be dead!

Why do we all have to be weirdos? Anyway, wish me luck on Monday!

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