What I’ve been up to.

So, very few of you have probably been wondering what I’ve been up to. Well, I graduated college (Suny Oneonta). Hurrah for me! I got honors in my major, Computer Art, and a 3.47 overall. After I graduated I pretty much sold everything I owned and went to Idaho with my girlfriend Ari and stayed there for two weeks. I read for the Seven Devils Playwriting Conference. Ari’s mom had a play that was still being worked on that was in it. It was neat. I met a few famous people (more than I’ve met here in L.A.). One was Craig Wasson, who is a family friend of Ari’s.

Funny side story. Ari had never seen any Nightmare on Elm street movies so we decided to rent a couple. We rented #1 and #3. The first one cause it has Johnny Depp in it (she loves the Depp) and the third cause I had grown up with that being on HBO all the time. Well, turns out Craig has a semi major role in it as the therapist for the Dream Warriors. That was neat.

I also met Fallon Brooking, who was the daughter Kimberly in Stepford Wives. Ari has been baby sitting her for years (Fallon is only little). I also met Sam McMurray, who played Lester Leeman in Drop Dead Gorgeous. All in all it was fun to go to McCall. The area was beautiful (if rainy). After that I flew BACK to New York because my childhood friend Mike Shaver was getting married. Jay and I were ushers and assistant best men. It was a fun time. Mike’s fiance at the time, Laurie, was gorgeous. Her dress was amazing. And I’m starting to sound gay. After that week I FINALLY came out to L.A. Now I’m just trying to get a steady job. I’m currently Temping at Playboy TV in the accounting department. It’s an easy job, just mind numbing sometimes. I mostly just file and staple.

So that’s that! Stay tuned for more updates.

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