The State of Things

There hasn’t been too much going on as of late.  Just mostly working and playing games.  I am in the process of putting together template websites that I can sell on the cheap to starving actors.  I just want to make a few more templates and then make it public, so look forward to that!

I have discovered a bit ago an amazing site called LifeHacker.  Although it has a computer geek twist, its a site designed mostly to help people get the most out of what they do.  Much of it is software that’s useful, but it also has techniques and such,  Check it out you might like it.

I’ve found that i have an order to how i read my daily stuff.  I start by going down my list of bookmarks in Firefox (reverse order for some reason actually!)  I start by going to and seeing if anything is interesting there, then i check the RSS feeds for A Softer World, VG Cats, and Cyanide and Happiness and read anything new.  I then go to LifeHacker, GamePolitics, and Joystiq and read anything I find of interest.  I finish the day by going through and reading anything thats interesting there.  I waste a lot of time seeing what retards have to say in Fark’s comments.  Those tend to both amuse me and make me sad for the world.

Please note that these things are spread throughout the day, since IT tends to be mostly “hurry up and wait.” type work.

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