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I’ve realized that I’ve under-utilized my blog as a portal to my own mundane trivia, so I thought I would share a list of sites i tend to visit on a daily, or near-daily, basis:

  1. – Miscellaneous weird articles, i tend to enjoy the Photoshop Friday, Weekend Web, and WTF D&D articles the most.
  2. – A surreal “comic”
  3. – Cyanide and Happiness, a rather amusing and often offensive comic.
  4. – A comic that is both science smart as well as ridiculous.  I guaruntee you’ve seen one posted somewhere at some point.
  5. – A nerd blog that is rather techie, but also DIY oriented.
  6. – Tech Porn
  7. – A site looking at the political side of gaming
  8. – Game Porn
  9. – it’s not news, it’s fark.
  10. – This is actually only on Wednesdays, but he is a rather amusing video game reviewer. And British.

Honorable Mentions:
These are sites i vist when I’m bored:

  1. – See how badly the world can fail
  2. – See some HORRIBLE homemade items from Etsy
  3. – In case i forget why I left.
  4. – I will not apologize for this.
  5. – Random links and they are starting to get some good original videos.
  6. – You know that video your friend sent you to.  It’s on here.

YAY, I did it, I made an entry all about MEEEE!

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